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    Protein won't automatically give you muscles. We had to be smarter than that, so we added ingredients to this protein blend to help you push yourself harder, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery to help you get stronger, quicker.

    Per Serving:

    Protein (34g): The building block of bones, muscles, hair, skin, and nails, this blend of dairy-based whey concentrate and isolate contains all the essential amino acids your body needs for repair, recovery and muscle development.

    Casein: A slower-digesting protein that, when combined with faster-digesting sources of protein, encourages optimal protein uptake and absorption over time. This lends itself to improved muscle growth and repair.

    Creatine Monohydrate (3g): Research has shown that creatine can improve strength, increase lean muscle mass and help muscles recover more quickly during exercise. This muscular boost can help achieve increased bursts of speed and energy, especially during high-intensity activities such as weight lifting or running.

    Montmorency Cherries (300mg): A sour cherry containing high levels of anthocyanins that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce damage that may occur during exercise. There is also increasing amounts of research looking at how they can offer relief from arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    Bilberries (250mg): Belonging to a class of natural bioactives with wide-reaching health benefits, including improving cardiovascular health, glucose control and inflammation. These dark berries are rich in antioxidants and resveratrol, which are seeing increased use for their purported anti-aging properties.

    Magnesium (200mg, 47%*): An important mineral that contributes to electrolyte balance and normal energy-yielding metabolism. It is required to regulate blood pressure, keep bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady. Adults who are deficient in magnesium are more likely to have elevated inflammation markers, which in turn, has been associated with serious health conditions.

    *%NRV (Nutrient Reference Values) are guidelines on daily amounts of vitamins and minerals to be consumed to maintain a healthy diet.

    Works Well With: The Power Booster to push your power output and performance to the maximum.

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