Müll ClubThe Luur Pak Ring

  • Female Founded
  • Made from recycled plastics
  • Made in the UK
  • How much do you love butter? Enough to wear a butter tub as a ring? 


    This ring has been created using mainly Lurpak butter tubs and Philadelphia cheese pots. 

    We get a lot of these plastics dropped off each week so it made sense to create a blend dedicated to this plastic waste. And I must say the greys are stunning. So if you're more about subtle shades then this is the one for you. 

    Each ring is the equivalent to two plastic bottle caps worth of plastic.

    This is a statement piece, not only is the ring stunning, this is a key part of the conversation around recycling and single use plastic.

    Due to the transformative recycling method, each ring will be slightly different and unique to you, as no ring is the same. The images are an example as every ring we make has slightly different markings.

    Every purchase supports Müll Clubs mission to recycle directly from the community, within the community. Reducing the mileage from their waste, and ensuring that non of it ends up in landfill, is exporting or incinerated.  

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