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  • Made exclusively from recycled plastic bottles this scarf helps to reduces global waste and instead, repurposes it into a beautiful, new, cosy and snug winter scarf for you. Whether you’re heading to snow-capped mountains or tracking the city chill, we’ll keep you toasty as you battle the elements.


    The new, wider version of our original Recycled Bottle Scarf which can be found here.

    Made 50% from recycled plastic bottles and 50% deadstock acrylic, this scarf helps to reduces global waste and instead repurposes it into a beautiful and cosy winter scarf for you.

    Featuring a familiar ribbed construction to lock in warmth, a seamless design to ensure zero waste on our end in the production process, it is intricately crafted in a chunky-stretch soft material with block colour ways. Designed to capture classic cosiness and modern minimalism, all knitted into one. Hand finished with our signature logo patch in the corner.


    50% Recycled Plastic Bottles Polyester
    50% Dead Stock Acrylic

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