Brûler CandlesThe Personal Touch Candle

  • 100% Vegan
  • Female Founded
  • Made in the UK
  • Whether it's an anniversary, birthday or another special occasion, why not gift a candle with a difference? Introducing the Personal Touch Candle, where you can now add your own special note to your candle, making for the perfect thought-filled present.


    Choose from over 10 of our existing fragrances to suit your recipients preferred taste.

    How it works: The candle will arrive to you boxed, with a blank label inside the box for you to write on with either a biro or marker/sharpie pen. Once you've written your note, simply peel away the backing paper and gently apply the label to your candle. To get a smooth application without bubbles, apply the centre of the label first then using your thumbs, gently smooth down either side pressing from the centre outwards.

    Size: 30cl/220g net

    Burn time: 40hrs on average


    100% Soy Wax candle. Vegan-friendly. Handpoured in London, UK.



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