_faaceThe Morning After the Night Before Faace Kit

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  • Just because your skin looked sparkly and radiant only hours before doesn’t mean it will stay that way after an evening’s entertainment – especially if there was alcohol involved (hangxiety faace anyone?). If skin is feeling dehydrated, dull, and even a little bit angry, we’ve tag-teamed Dull Faace and Tired Faace together to create a tired skincare cleanser set to bring some life back to your face.


    Dull Faace cleanser dabs up any oiliness, gives skin a shot (not that kind) of moisture and contains antibacterial ingredients to reduce the risk of breakouts. Rub all over face and eyes to remove make-up and use a cloth to mop up every last bit of the day before.

    Slather on Tired Faace – it can be rinsed off after 20 and followed up with your regular routine, or for best results just leave on. Tired Faace acts like a lightbulb by returning radiance to your skin along with lightweight and oil free hydration. Who needs Alka Seltzer!?

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