LemonadeThe Everyday Perfect Thong

  • Female Founded
  • The Everyday Perfect Thong is Lemonade's most popular style of thong to date, in the softest cotton blend with the Lemonade Dolls signature wide super-stretchy elastic it is a shape that works for all your active plans.


    • 47.5% Cotton
    • 47.5% Modal
    • 5% Elastane
    • Medium rise waist
    • Lemonade Dolls signature elastic waistband  made from 100% recycled elastic

    Lemonade underwear fits true to size and runs from a UK size 6 to 24. However, our sizing works a little differently from traditional lingerie brands, so make sure you check out our size guide below to find your perfect fit!

    We’ve always felt that a size 14 being equivalent to a Large was wrong on so many levels. In fact, a size 14 is actually the UK average. So we’re rewriting the size guide for good; which is why we classify a size 14-16 as Medium.

    • XXS - 6-8
    • XS - 8-10
    • S - 12
    • M - 14-16
    • L - 18-20
    • 2L - 22-24

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