LemonadeThe Everyday Cheeky Brief

  • Female Founded
  • The Cheeky brief is Lemonade's most popular style to date.


    This version is made from the softest cotton blend and has the Lemonade Dolls signature wide, super stretchy wide elastic waistband, which means no rolling. A brief that combines cool with comfort.

    • 47.5% Cotton 47.5% Modal 5% Elastane
    • Full rear coverage
    • Medium rise waist
    • Lemonade Dolls signature elastic waistband  made from 100% recycled elastic

    Lemonade underwear fits true to size and runs from a UK size 6 to 24. However, our sizing works a little differently from traditional lingerie brands, so make sure you check out our size guide below to find your perfect fit!

    We’ve always felt that a size 14 being equivalent to a Large was wrong on so many levels. In fact, a size 14 is actually the UK average. So we’re rewriting the size guide for good; which is why we classify a size 14-16 as Medium.

    • XXS - 6-8
    • XS - 8-10
    • S - 12
    • M - 14-16
    • L - 18-20
    • 2L - 22-24

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