PacaibaThe End of Harmattan Hydrating Hair Masque

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  • Put an end to your hair's dry season with this intensely nourishing deep treatment containing aloe vera, mango butter, grapeseed & jojoba oils that will hydrate, smooth and soften your hair.


    During the dry season in west Africa the Harmattan trade wind brings sand from the Sahara Desert to the Gulf of Guinea. The sky is overcast with dust, the temperature fluctuates, and the air becomes extremely dry. This can destroy harvests, chap the skin and cause hair to become brittle. Wavy and curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair because sebum, the natural oil the scalp produces, cannot travel as easily down the length of the hair shaft.

    Dry hair is like the west African landscape during Harmattan – parched and prone to breakage. Growing up on the coast of west Africa we welcomed the yellow skies before the storms that signal the end of Harmattan – bringing much-needed rain for the earth to regenerate and create new life.


    In this intensely hydrating and creamy masque we have captured the spirit of Harmattan’s end. Ingredients like moisturising aloe vera, nourishing mango butter and strengthening oat amino acids treat dry hair to reduce frizz, improve its softness, elasticity, and manageability – signifying the end of your hair’s Harmattan.

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