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    Got a cupboard full of amazing ingredients that you never use? Make life easier for yourself. This product contains ten of the most highly-regarded health-boosting ingredients in an easy to use powder that you can prepare as a tea.

    Per Serving:

    Maca (2g): Reduces effects of physical and mental stress, and increases energy and libido. Grown for more than 2,000 years in the highest mountains of Peru, maca has recently found widespread popularity as an adaptogen. These are a group of natural ingredients that support the body's ability to deal with stress.

    Matcha Green Tea (1.5g): This is a specifically concentrated green tea powder, bursting with flavonoids called catechins. Its health benefits span the whole spectrum from fat loss, to protection against heart disease, improved skin, energy and focus.

    Camu Camu (1g): Amazonian fruit rich in bioactive nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and phenols making it a promising functional food. Its greatest bragging right is that it is the richest dietary source of vitamin C that exists, making it a must have in any immune support product.

    Spirulina (1g): Evidence suggests that this blue-green algae can improve glucose metabolism, while also reducing liver fat and protecting the heart. Research shows that spirulina has antioxidant and inflammation-fighting properties, as well as the ability to help regulate the immune system.

    Peppermint (1g): Plant indigenous to Europe and the Middle East that offers notable muscle relaxing properties in the stomach and intestinal tract that help speed up the early phase of digestion. There is also evidence to support its usage in reducing abdominal pain in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

    Wheatgrass (1g): Freshly sprouted first leaves of the wheat plant packed with an extensive combination of vitamins and nutrients with antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, that lead to people touting its wellbeing benefits.

    Cocoa (1g): Contains bioactive compounds including flavanols, procyanidins and epicatechin. Preliminary research suggests epicatechin may increase blood flow and oxygenation in the brain. It may play a protective role during aging.

    Chlorella (500mg): A freshwater single-celled green algae that is commonly supplemented by vegans (similar to spirulina). A bioavailable source of both iron and vitamin B12, supporting health and immunity.

    Kelp (500mg): A large brown algae common in many Asian diets. It absorbs the nutrients from its marine environment making it rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It’s one of the best natural food sources of iodine, an essential component in thyroid hormone production, which helps regulate metabolism and weight gain.

    Turmeric (500mg): This spice offers anti-inflammatory properties with evidence for positive effects on conditions ranging from chronic pain to depression. Over 6,000 peer-reviewed articles support its health-giving benefits.

    Works Well With: The Relax Capsules to improve clarity of thought, reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed.

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