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  • Feel the ocean beneath your hands as you flow across the mat!


    This soothing artwork yoga mat connects to the waters within, inspired by the calm Mediterranean sea in beautiful Ibiza, gently lapping at your toes, with turquoise, light blues and sea greens. Our watery cool hand-painted work connects to the throat chakra, Vishuddha to speak your truth, communicate freely and self-expression of your soul.

    Thalassa Therapy: Blue connects to our emotional connection, which helps us on levels of understanding, creativity, empathy, appreciation and acceptance. Blue also inspires mental control, clarity and creativity. 

    Best for thickness, joint support & home practice

    Dimensions: 183 cm x 66 cm

    Thickness: 4.5 mm

    Weight: 3.4 kg

    If you have very cold hands, you may need to spritz the top with water as you break in the smooth top.

    Kati Kaia Yoga Mats are constructed with non-slip, 100% natural rubber with a premium vegan suede top, which is made from recycled PET bottles, providing anti-slip grip and protection for all yoga practices, including Hot Yoga and sweaty practices such as workouts, pilates, HIIT and weight training.  

    No toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process to soften the rubber.  
    They are longer and wider than standard mats, so you can deeply relax in Savasana or childs pose knowing your mat is grounding, non toxic, supportive and gives you great space and cushioning to perform some serious Asanas.  

    Complimentary Yoga Carry Strap Included.

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