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  • Tame It! Bikini wax strips with Damask Rose Oil & Aloe Vera. Our wax strips are here to give you up to 28 days of silky smooth skin, whatever style you rock. Whether tidying up your landing strip or going full Hollywood, these quick and easy to use waxing strips are suitable for bikini line, under carriage and bum to get as smooth as dolphin skin from the comfort of your own bathroom. Who needs a salon anyway?!


    Ready to use straight from the pack, each strip can be used several times for all those stubborn bits. Made with Damask Rose Oil & Aloe Vera for anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing relief. 

    You get 20 wax strips plus 2 sachets of soothing Aloe Vera cream.

    Always store strips in their box, flat, away from UV exposure and in a cool place. 


    Keep out of reach of children. Avoid use on skin that is broken, irritated or sore. Not to be used by the elderly, diabetics, on loose-skinned areas, or skin affected by acne, varicose veins, moles or warts. Store in a cool dry place. Retain outer packaging and leaflet for future reference.

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