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  • The sweat bag is a lightweight, washable, antimicrobial bag for your pre and post workout kit.


    An antibacterial and water-resistant kit bag for storing workout gear on the go. Sweat Bags’ antimicrobial technology stops bacteria from post workout sweaty kit in its tracks, whilst its deodorising fabric keeps odour at bay all day.

    - Ink White

    Lightweight and compact in design, the Sweat Bag fits easily in your day bag for convenient, hygienic everyday storage of clean gym kit, ready for whenever you are.

    Our signature fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, machine washable at low temperatures, and a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bags dispensed in locker rooms.

    A minimalist design allows a generous central pouch for kit whilst a separate front pocket offers additional storage for pre and post workout essentials. Perhaps it’s your favourite shampoo, or your must have moisturiser.  The cord hanging loop adds ease in the changing room or shower, whilst the Nano Defence coating protects against stains from routine usage.

    Intelligently designed to help master your day, the Sweat Bag is a stylish, modern take on the traditional gym bag which allows you to effortlessly keep fitness central to your daily routine.

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