Our Superior Chaga is ethically and sustainably wild-harvested from birch trees and is dual-extracted in order to create a high potency mushroom powder. It is known as the King of Mushrooms and is very high in antioxidants.

We spent many months sourcing the best Chaga mushroom we could find, as it's one of our favourite mushrooms and the harvesting and extraction process is essential. We found a beautiful source: wild harvested from birch trees in the Greater Khingan Mountains, surrounded by hundreds of trees.

Originating from the Russian word "Tschaga", this black and woody endophytic fungus, scientifically known as Inonotus obliquus. 

Our potent 10:1 bio-active concentrated Superior Chaga powder contains:

  • >30% polysaccharides
  • >3% triterpenes
  • >15% beta-glucans
  • >3% polyphenols.

Servings in 40g: approx. 80 x 500mg servings per jar.

This jar and lid are fully recyclable and the label is compostable.

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