TeapsySpring Walk - Peppermint & Lemon Verbena Tea Blend

  • 100% Vegan
  • Spring Walk is your best rainy-day friend that will cover you with a yellow coat and put cute wellies on your feet. It's a super minty herbal infusion with a citrusy twist!


    Put on your wellies, wrap yourself up in a blanket and get comfy. 

    This blend is a great herbal experience that will calm your nerve
    and warm you up in a matter of minutes.

    Walking down a rainy alley, surrounded by ivy, nettles and those huge trees is sooooo interesting!
    And we made a tea out of it!
    Rain pouring through the leaves, a tiny squirrel searching for food, birds singing right over your head.
    There's just so much to see and explore. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow way beyond your room.

    Spring Walk takes time to discover and understand, but from the very first sip we know we love it.

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