Ceramic RoomSolid Wonky Vase

  • Female Founded
  • Made in the UK
  • Handmade
  • The wonkier the better, that's the charm of these vases. Made using air-dry clay, then hand painted with a purposefully naive finish. Whether it's a minimal or maximal setting, these vases will add instant personality and charm to any space.


    IMPORTANT: These vases are made using air-dry clay and as such, they are not waterproof - they are designed to be appreciated as a solo piece. But equally, they can look great with dried flowers if you wish. 


    • Handmade in Leeds
    • Made using air-dry clay
    • Size: Height: 20cm / Width inc handles: 23cm
    • Orange

    Brand Bio

    Founded by Nina Godfrey, Ceramic Room is an independent business based in Leeds who specialise in unique hand crafted air dried ceramics. Sustainability is very important to Nina, which is why she chooses to use air dry clay as it provides a way of working that uses minimal energy. Each piece is unique and slowly hand crafted, making it a wonderfully personal object. 

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