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  • Meet Sol, the vibrating penis stroker perfect for levelling up your partnered or solo play experiences! Ribbed in all the right places, Sol provides pleasure in the palm of your hand. Level up your partnered or solo play experiences.


    Sol was designed to provide a non-intiminating, beginner friendly sex toy option for penis owners.

    Sol is a vibrating penis stroker and the versatile design means it can be used both solo or in a couple.

    Sol works to provide stimulation up and down the penis and features flexible wings allowing the grip strength to be easily adjusted for different sizes and sensations.

    The open ended structure of Sol also means that the head of the penis can be stimulated orally and the balls can be massaged by a partner while the stroker is in use. Sol also features 10 different pleasure settings to discover and explore together. 

    - Charge Sol for 2 hours to reach full charge.
     - Press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn on.
    - Press the power button to cycle through all 5 intensity levels and 5 pattern modes.
    - Press and hold the power button to turn off 

    Product size: 84 x 45mm
    Product weight: 83G
    Waterproof: IPX7
    Battery type: Polymer lithium
    Battery Material: Medical Grade
    Silicone Charge time: ≤120 minutes
    Use time: ≧35 minutes
     Noise: less than 50db benchmark
    Power input: 5V
    Frequency: 10 Modes
    Interface: Single button interface
    Charging: Magnetic

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