Ilodyseres boosted collagen serum

  • 100% Vegan
  • Female Founded
  • Made in the UK
  • A silky serum designed to work on boosting collagen and reducing fine lines, a blend of Ayurvedic super-botanicals helps to nourish and keep skin looking healthy.


    Multi-active boosting pro-collagen serum designed with advanced plant extracts.
    + reduces fine lines
    + firmer looking skin
    + increase elasticity for plumper skin
    + improve barrier function

    An emulsion serum designed to boost collagen, formulated with key pro-collagen ingredients to treat the signs of ageing; lines, wrinkles, slackness. Seres means ‘people of the land of silk’ and the name lends itself to this light, satin textured serum.

    Think of seres as the building blocks of your skincare to ensure healthier looking skin.

    Key ingredients and their benefits:

    Bakuchiol: a natural alternative to retinol and suitable for sensitive skin (has been clinically compared to retinol) leaves skin firmer, improves elasticity and reduces fine lines by boosting collagen synthesis. Plumping centella asiatica supports bakuchiol in improving fine lines and wrinkles with improved collagen promotion.

    Safflower oilL rich in omega 6 improves barrier function, strengthening skin structure. Moringa a powerhouse of nutrients provides omegas, minerals and vitamins to restore and nourish skin.

    Centella asiatica repairs damage caused by uv sun, improves collagen density and provides free radical scavenging properties to help support skin health.

    Wakame: rich in minerals and vitamins helps to retain moisture in the skin, providing a skin with a plumper texture.

    Fragrance: notes of bergamot, hibiscus, hawthorn with patchouli, cedarwood and vanilla.



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