Planet Good EarthSeasonal Seed Box: All Year Microgreens

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  • Microgreens are simply the micro-leaves of seedlings that usually grow to full size before harvesting. Each tiny leaf is a gold mine of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals such as iron, folic acid and potassium.


    Grow 5 different vegetables garden-fresh, right in your own backyard!


    Microgreens Rocket Esmee

    Microgreens Tai Sai

    Microgreens Mizuna

    Microgreens Golden Frills

    Lettuce Babyleaf Mix 

    Microgreens can be grown on a windowsill for a tasty, nutritious harvest in just one or two weeks after sowing. A tray of microgreens can feed your family for months!
    They can be eaten fresh and raw; the fresher the leaves are, the more vitamins and minerals they contain.  

    Good vibes & power greens!

    Box contains;

    5 Packets of Open-Pollinated Organic Seeds
    Two Biodegradable Sticker Sheets
    Reusable Gift Box for Planting
    FREE Pop-Out Plant Markers
    Growing Instructions


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