TeapsyTea Sample Boxes

  • 100% Vegan
  • Sample Boxes full of delicious tea! Try all 10 tea blends, 2 teabags each.


    Hello. I am Sample Box.

    Investing into the whole box of teabags is a little scary - I get it.
    Whether you want to get me just to try our sleepy Moondust or funky Disco - Each and every teabag is filled with whole leaf quality goodness.

    In this Sample Box you get a tiny hint of what our tea really is.
    We care about the flavour just as much as we care about the story, colours or the way it looks in your cupboard - and we're super excited for you to try it!

    Sample Box 1: Moondust, Disco, Picnic, Spring Walk, Spice Me Up
    Sample Box 2: Lava Lamp, Pink Rodeo, It's a Date, Summer Camp, 4:59

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