WaphytoRegena Toner


WaphytoRegena Toner

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The first step in Waphyto's signature hydrating process is this deeply luxurious toner lotion.


In addition to Waphyto’s proprietary nutrient-rich botanicals, this lotion toner is enriched with moisturizing Someiyoshino, Suizenjinori, and Noni. A special blend of twelve essential oils - including jasmine, frankincense, geranium, Roman chamomile, ylang-ylang, cinnamomum camphora and vetiver - gives it a refreshing scent that uplifts the senses.

  • This product:

    • Is more than 75% naturally-derived from plants
    • Uses 100% natural plant-based essential oils
    • Contains no synthetic colors
    • Contains no synthetic fragrances
    • Contains no petroleum-based surfactants
    • Contains no phenoxyethanol
    • Is paraben-free
    • Is ethanol-free
    • Is vegan

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