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  • A skincare and haircare treatment device that gives you spa-level performance from the comfort of your home. Your usual beauty routine just got an upgrade with advanced technology that helps treatments absorb deeper, and faster, making Skinpods and Hairpods more effective than traditional products. Enhanced with a boost function SPA PRO provides superior application, delivering skin and hair treatments in less time and with less effort. Ergonomically designed to give you that ideal feeling of comfort when using the device for skincare treatments, SPA PRO is not only stylish but also practical.



    • You can use SPA with a diverse selection of skincare and haircare treatments
    • A luxury experience of at-home beauty treatments with the quality of beauty salons.
    • With an added boost function, treatments are delivered in less time and with less effort
    • Using SPA beauty treatments creates 20x less waste than traditional products
    • Provides effective application of only high-quality active ingredients in seconds
    • Made with body-safe silicone and hypoallergenic aluminum, which makes it waterproof and compact.
    • Magnetic Misting technology breaks through the protective barrier of the skin to help treatments absorb deeper

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