Indi supplementsRecover Essential lean protein


Indi supplementsRecover Essential lean protein

Recover isn’t just beneficial post-exercise. Protein is the building block of every cell in our body, essential for hormone regulation, immunity, healthy muscle mass, resilient skin, and strong hair and nails. It’s your insurance to help preserve strength, strong immunity and a healthy body.

Our silky-smooth berry flavour plant protein is packed with superfood nutrients to ease soreness after exercise, boost metabolism and maintain muscle mass throughout life.  Plant protein is not just vegan-friendly and better for the environment, but it’s gentler on your gut health and doesn’t cause bloating or breakouts.

  • Natural berry flavour (no salted caramel here)
  • Repairs muscle and Builds strength
  • Reduces soreness and Counters inflammation
  • Rehydrates and Supports immunity
  • Boosts fat burning after exercise

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