Kati KaiaPrometheus Travel Yoga Mat

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  • This pure fire abstract yoga mat will boost energy and ignite your senses!


    Invigorate your practice with the balance of soft marks in this energetic stunning piece, building from the ground up. Passionate red mark-makings inject creativity to your workouts and yoga practice! Go tribal on the travel mat as you bring root chakra energy into class and feel deeply connected. Easily folds in hand or hold luggage, unfold upon arrival. 

    In color therapy, red is often used to help dispel negative thoughts and release anger. Red is best used in areas where energy should be high. It is stimulating and invigorating

    Kati Kaia Travel Yoga Mats are constructed with non-slip, 100% natural rubber with a premium vegan suede top, washable and foldable, lighter for travelling at 1.9 kgs, but with the same length and width to use whilst travelling.

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