PlantogenPerform Protein

  • 100% Vegan
  • The pinnacle of performance supplements.


    Plant protein that tastes seriously good. Our rich plant-protein blend gives you a complete protein profile fortified with BCAA's, adaptogens, vitamins and minerals. It aids with recovery, energy and wellbeing without any compromise on ingredients or flavour. This is your ultimate all-in-one supplement.

    Unlike most plant-proteins you won't be disappointed on taste and its not full of the nasties you try to avoid. 

    Vegan  |  Keto  |  Free from Dairy, Soya, Nuts, Gluten, GMO, Thickeners, Fillers & Sugar

    630g - 14 Servings

    30g multi-source vegan protein powder.

    5g BCAA’s per serving with a complete amino acid profile.

    Formulated to support, muscle maintenance, growth and recovery.

    Fortified with adaptogens, vitamins and minerals for cognitive function, mood and energy.

    No artificial flavourings, artificial sweeteners or sugar.

    We use tablespoons instead of scoops to cut down on plastic waste.

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