VUSHOrb Pleasure Ring

  • Female Founded
  • Orb is a pleasure ring (aka cock ring) designed with beginners in mind - it's the perfect starter toy for couples wanting to explore new and exciting experiences together.


    Orb is packed with benefits for both vulva and penis owners - meaning double the orgasmic joy! The Orbs stretchy ring works by restricting blood from flowing back down the penis and this can help with increased sensation, making erections feel firmer and even last longer - hello longer lasting foreplay + penetrative sex. Orb also has 10 pleasure settings and the added sensation helps stimulate both the penis’s shaft and vulva for extra fun. For vulva owners - the Orb has a dual motor and flexible and elongated rabbit ears to help with targeted clitoral stimulation - making it powerful and perfect for nestling on or either side of the clitoris for optimal pleasure during penetrative sex.
    We know every couple is unique, so we have carefully curated Orb with all bodies in mind.

    - Charge Orb for 2 hours to reach full charge
    - Press and hold the power button located on the side of the device for at least 3 seconds to turn on
    - Press the power button again to cycle and explore the 6 intensity levels and 4 pattern modes
    - Press and hold power button for three seconds to turn off

    Product size: 93.5 x 4.29 mm
    Product weight: ≈45g
    Waterproof: IPX7
    Battery type: Flexible polymer lithium battery
    Material: Medical Grade Silicone
    Charge time: 120 minutes
    Use time: 60 minutes
    Noise: <50db
    Power input: 5V
    Frequency: 10 modes
    Charging: Magnetic
    Low-battery warning

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