Planet Good EarthSeasonal Seed Box: High Vibe


Planet Good EarthSeasonal Seed Box: High Vibe

Be a champ and high vibe on growing herbs that will complement your spring summer culinary adventures. 

Grow 5 different vegetables garden-fresh, right in your own backyard!

No garden? No problem!


Thyme Common - a perennial culinary herb with delicate pink flowers that bees love. 

Chamomile - a hardy annual with feathery leaves and daisy-like aromatic flowers.

Basil Sweet Genovese - has fine aromatic flavour and will grow happily on a sunny windowsill.

Chives Nelly - has a mild onion flavour, medium-thick leaves and a beautiful, deep, blue-green colour.

Coriander Filtro - a popular culinary herb whose leaves and seeds are used in many different cuisines worldwide. 


Box contains:

5 Packets of Open-Pollinated Organic Seeds
Two Biodegradable Sticker Sheets
Reusable Gift Box for Planting
FREE Pop-Out Plant Markers
Growing Instructions 

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