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Breathing is the remote control of your nervous system. Conscious, calm breathing lowers your stress levels and helps you relax and fall asleep quickly and effectively. Moonbird is the world's first breathing tool that fits in the palm of your hand, helping you relax, calm down and sleep. Simply by breathing. The accompanying app also tracks your heart rhythm, heart rhythm variability and coherence, so your progress becomes understandable as well. The app also offers various guided breathing exercises and meditations.


Moonbird is the first physical tool for guided breathing exercises. Hold your moonbird in your hand and follow the rhythm: Breathe in when you feel it expand, breathe out when it contracts. Let your breathing synchronize with the rhythm of your moonbird and immediately feel how you relax.

What's included?

  • moonbird
  • click-on charging cable
  • moonbird app
  • moonbird protecting bag
  • user manual

Color and material might differ slightly from the pictures. 

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