Dose Labsmoody mix gummies 30 day supply

Mood swings giving you whiplash? We feel you. The moody mix pack has it all. For when you can’t switch off, feeling stressed af, sluggish, or brain cba.


Get a selection of all dose labs flavours: 2x it's all good, 1x zone in, 1x jump start, 1x snooze.

It’s all good: Good for a dose of chill, with all the positive vibes. Each gummy tastes like sweet orange and is packed with ashwagandha and rhodiola

Snooze: Good for a dose of zzzs, bedtime story not included. Each gummy tastes like calm berry and is packed with chamomile and saffron

Zone in: Good for a dose of focus with a dash of concentration. Each gummy tastes like sour raspberry and is packed with ginseng, green tea and zinc

Jump start: Good for a dose of energy with a loving kick up the ass. Each gummy tastes like juicy mango and is packed with vitamins C, B12, D and zinc

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