Ilodyluxmi hydrating radiance serum

  • 100% Vegan
  • Female Founded
  • Made in the UK
  • A luxurious hydrating ritual for daily use, hydrates while working to reduce fatigue in the complexion with a balance of eastern plant botanicals.


    Multi functional radiance serum, combining patented plant actives, essential nutrients and bio-compatible botanical extracts.
    + hydrating and plumping
    + brightening
    + reduce dullness
    + improves skin texture

    A hydrating lightweight serum packed with radiance enhancing actives to improve skin tone, texture and reduce dullness and brighten complexion. The golden hue of this silky serum embodies it’s namesake goddess of fortune.

    Key ingredients and their benefits:

    Tremella mushroom, high in polysaccharides and rich in vitamin D, a natural plumping active works alongside stellar hyaluronic acid, hydration with low molecular weight providing long lasting moisture. Gluconolactane offers additional hydration, belonging to the PHA family of acids its able to attract water to the skin's surface.

    Anti-inflammatory licorice adaptogen and skin brightener, effective for sensitive skin. Uva ursi contains naturally occurring arbutin known for its brightening properties, which help to even our skin tone and add glow to the complexion. Tonka bean bio-ferment provides luminescence in the skin by isolating polyphenols, absorbing light and re-emiting it to give a radiant glow. Gluconalactane and lactic acid provide gentle exfoliation.

    Black tea ferment (kombucha) known for it's health benefits increases the volume of the skin and improves texture, while balancing the skin tone. Working alongside persian silk tree extract which provides detoxification to improve dull looking skin and repair damaged skin through glycation.

    Fragrance: notes of bergamot, hibiscus, hawthorn, patchouli, cedarwood and vanilla

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