Herby BoxLush Herbal Powder

  • Black Owned
  • Made in the UK
  • 100% Vegan
  • Lush provides just that: a luscious experience. This revitalising formula delivers the mental relaxation and body stimulation needed for great love, through its expertly crafted mix of love-boosting herbs and mushrooms.


    Sexy, yes you! I see you looking at me, wondering how I can aid some Je ne sais quoi and spice, pun intended, to your sex life.

    I’m blushing, hence the red… well hello, I’m a unique mix of sexy adaptogens and aphrodisiacs created to increase intensity, heighten, moisten and increase endurance.

    I’m as simple as a tea spoon in hot water… to help you flow in love. Backed by science, the chocolate-ty taste is 100% natural and plantmade.

    It can be easy to rush the process and not handle the excitement with care, love and patience. Lush aims to change this.

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