Leaf EnvyCalathea Orbifolia and Chalk Dalston Pot

  • Female Founded
  • A decorative air-purifying plant with uniquely striped & rounded leaves (pot included)


    Light Requirements

    Calatheas thrive in medium, indirect sunlight but tolerate lower light levels too. Bright direct sunlight can cause the stunning colours on their leaves to fade, with prolonged exposure likely to burn and scorch their leaves.

    Watering Schedule

    Calatheas enjoy weekly waterings, allowing the top 2’ of soil to dry out partially. In winter, we recommend watering less frequently to prevent overwatering and root rot. This plant is not very drought tolerant, and extended periods of dryness will cause leaf edges to brown.


    Your Calathea will also appreciate being placed in a humid environment, which you can create with by misting it frequently, placing it close to other plants or on a pebble tray partly filled with water. Calatheas thrive in steamy bathrooms and kitchens.

    Sad Plant Signs

    Yellowing leaves and burnt tips suggest your plant has been scorched by direct sunlight or watered with tap water containing high levels of fluoride. Limp, drooping leaves which are brown and curling: suggest your plant is thirsty & dry.

    As our products are living, please note that they may vary in shape and size.

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