TeapsyLava Lamp - Lavender & Blueberries Tea Blend

  • 100% Vegan
  • Lava Lamp brings back the 90's. This unique, flavourful lavender & blueberries tea blend will make you lose the track of time - as if you were starring into the Lava Lamp again, wobbling on your water bed and talking with your bestie on that pink flip phone of yours. Dreamy!


    You wobble a little on your water bed with your pink cellphone lying carelessly next to you.

    There's a really good tune on your headphones - Something about love, you think.
    Guess you've been staring at the lava lamp for too long, cus' you hardly even remember what day it is.

    But that's okay, it doesn't matter! You get up and grab your favourite berry soda

    It's that fizzy taste again!

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