Shake Your Plants (SYP)KOMBUCHA+ 3 PACK

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  • Transform your gut in 10 days, the easy (and tasty) way. The refreshing and naturally sweet ice tea solution that supports your digestive health daily. Simply crack open a stick, add it to your water bottle, and enjoy it like a snack in between meals. With only 9 calories and 0.3g of sugar per stick, Kombucha+ is the guilt-free way to say goodbye to bloating, brain fog, and cravings while boosting your immune system and improving your mood and skin. We gut you!


    3 times the goodness! 

    Low Calories - Low Sugar - Live Cultures - No Alcohol - No Artificial Colors - Natural Fruit Juice

    Kombucha+ is made from a premium black tea blend, infused with prebiotic fibers, dairy-free probiotics, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds, providing 1 Billion CFU of vegan probiotics and prebiotic fiber to increase your microbiome diversity.

    Why Kombucha+?

    • Goodbye bloating and hello improved digestion, mood, and skin.
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Reduce brain fog
    • Manage cravings
    • Easy to drink on the go: Just add water!
    • Exceptional taste (like seriously, you will enjoy it we promise).

    Contains 3 boxes. Each box contains 10 sticks (5g x 10).

    Nutrition Information 

    Typical values per 100g
    1 serving = 5g

    Energy 779.9kJ/186.4kcal Fat
    of which saturates 0.0g
    0.0g Carbohydrates
    of which sugars 57.7g
    Fiber 24.0g Protein 0.9g Salt 2.0g

    Vegan Live Cultures: Bacillus coagulans 1 billion CFU*

    *Colony forming units at point of manufacture 

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