Beauty ProHydrating Hyaluronic Acid Routine Duo

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  • This hydrating duo are the perfect pair to lock in moisture and improve your skin health.


    The BEAUTYPRO Hydrating Routine works to refresh the skin and maximise your skin health. Hydrated skin functions more effectively, circulating nutrients and expelling toxins to keep your pores clear and your cells replenished. It's important to use hydrating products that will replenish the skin and lock in moisture.

    The HYDRATING Hyaluronic Acid 2% Daily Serum uses a formula derived from Soybean and Chamomile to help your skin retain higher levels of moisture. As well as these benefits, the formula is also anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and soothing breakouts to ensure your skin is calm and clear. 

    Pair your daily HYDRATING serum with a weekly HYALURONIC ACID Hydrating Mask for maximum impact. This treatment uses Q10 to energise the cells and stimulate repair and regeneration. This will help to alleviate any damage the skin may have encountered while also improving its function to provide skin that is firm, even and glowing.

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