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  • This peach-coloured Himalayan Quartz helps us on our own journey of transformation and self discovery. Born in the ancient Himalayas, they connect us to the guidance and wisdom of thousands of years of mystic records. They're a key manifestation crystal, vibrating with a high frequency of universal love and keeping us in touch with our guiding subconscious intuition.


    We work with a special collector who spends the whole year working with expert specimen miners, climbers and artisans at the 'Rosey' mine in the Manali mountains. They skillfully venture up 18,000 feet to find the most rare and incredible pieces. It's an art form and takes two days to reach the desired spots, but it's worth it to them because the special specimens they find are next level - both energetically and visually. As you rise higher up the mountains in Manali, the vibrations of the crystals intensify, and they enter crystalline self-healing cycles after slight shifts and movement from Mother Earth. This gives them greater self healing abilities.

    Origin: Kullu Valley, Himchal Pradesh, India

    Dimensions: 23cm x 10cm x 11cm

    Weight: 0.82kg

    Product ID 238c107e-83e1-4351-ad0f-f88fdd418fbf

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