• Female Founded
  • Made in the UK
  • The OG - this little baddie with a big personality is where it all began. Our fuck it candle is a little piece of visual joy that reminds you to chill out, de-stress and trust the path universe has put you on. Think of it as a mindfulness tool with an 18 rating; just ignite the wick, get comfy, and by the time this bad boy has burned down, what remains will be the total sum of fucks you have left to give. The contrasting bubble-gum colours of the pillar and lettering will add a splash of naughty fun to your décor, and show off your cheeky humour to guests.


    • 100% Eco Soy wax
    • "FUCK IT" candle
    • 15cm x  5cm x 5cm
    • 470g 
    • Vegan and unscented
    • Can be used as a decorative piece



    Every Wavey Casa candle is lovingly hand-poured using eco soy wax. We think they’re too cute to use, but if you feel a burning need to light it, please place on a small dish, or whatever non-flammable receptacle you have to hand, to catch the wax, and be sure to trim the wick to be ¼ inch first. Because all our candles are 100% handmade, you might notice little imperfections in texture or variations in colour; but we are also committed to producing our range in the most sustainable way possible, and we think a little disparity makes each one all the more unique. This gorgeous baddie has a burn time of 6.5 hours.


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