FOREOUFO™ mini Smart Mask Treatment

Discover complexion perfection. UFO™ mini is the perfect at-home beauty device that will transform your complexion in two minutes or less.


Featuring Thermo-therapy, LED light therapy and T-SonicTM massage, a combination of science-backed spa technologies, UFOTM mini 2 supercharges your mask – leaving your skin rejuvenated in just 2 minutes, and nourished for ages. 

UFOTM mini 2 treatments provide your skin with immediate and long lasting hydration. 

Looking youthfully fresh has never been easier. T-SonicTM massage increases microcirculation, delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, while eliminating toxins - leaving skin with a healthy glow. Users report visible results after the very first use.

With Hyper-Infusion Technology, a combo of heat and massage, UFOTM mini 2 pushes active ingredients from your mask deep into skin - where they work best. 

With full-spectrum LED light, UFOTM mini 2 revitalizes and refines the complexion. 

Colour: Fuschia

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