FOREOIRIS™ Eye Massager

Eyebags who? Never heard of her. Having smile lines is not a bad thing. We're just smoothing them out so you can make room for some more.


Ophthalmologist approved as an effective & safe eye care treatment, IRIS™ combines ancient Asian lymphatic-drainage acupressure with revolutionary T-Sonic™ massage to refresh & depuff tired eyes, help them regain moisture, and relieve headaches caused by eye strain. Non-invasive, quick & effective, this ultra-hygienic device is also clinically proven to help reduce under-eye bags & dark circles while brightening, smoothing & firming the under-eye area.

Colour: Mint

  • 3.5x more effective at reducing eyebags
  • 70% more effective at removing dark circles under eyes
  • 43% more effective at reducing fine lines and crow feet

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