• 100% Vegan
  • Uplifting adaptogenic blend for mental stamina, memory and concentration.


    This herbal blend will be your 'go to' for study and exams, pressured work deadlines and stressful situations where you need a bit of a lift while continuing to think clearly.


    The busier we get, the harder it can be to find the focus needed to get things done. Anxiety caused by exams or approaching deadlines can play havoc with our ability to concentrate, leading to fuzzy thinking and unnecessary distractions. That’s why Focus & Clarity is blended from focusing adaptogens and calming herbs that support cognitive function.

    Holy Basil is an Ayurvedic rasayana – a herb traditionally used to promote vitality, it is also believed to help maintain balance in the body. Lion’s Mane is a mushroom that is known to support the production of Nerve Growth Factor, crucial to the functioning of the nervous system. These are combined with Rhodiola, Lemon Balm and Rosemary (‘for remembrance’) in this clever blend, which supports concentration while retaining calm.

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