Selfmade CandleFlora Candle Making Kit

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  • Vegan Candle Making Kit designed for Sleep. Includes a blend of lavender and mandarin aromatherapy essential oils. Also includes a plantable seeded candle label


    Flora Candle Making Kit. Designed with sleep in mind.

    Meet our new Sleep inspired Candle Making Kit. Part of our Spring Queens Collection, Flora produces a floral scented candle. A soothing blend of essential oils including Lavender and Mandarin. 

    Raise your hand if you've ever struggled to fall asleep! Flora is not just a fun afternoon activity for yourself or a loved one. She's now your new bed time best friend.

    Smells like: A lavender field with a delicate scattering of fresh Mandarin peel

    Notes: Lavender and Mandarin

    Label: Infused with Poppy seeds. Glows then Grows. Plant your label in your jar once finished.


    • Step by Step How to Make Candles at Home Guide
    • 1 Amber 180ml Jar
    • 1 Amber Jar Lid
    • 1 wood wick
    • 1 wood wick clip
    • Natural Soy Wax
    • Essential Oil (FLORA: Lavender and Mandarin)
    • 1 Plantable Seeded Label
    • 1 stickums to secure your wick/clip inside the candle glass

    Made in the UK | Vegan Friendly | Eco-Conscious

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