Selfmade CandleFIYAH Luxury Citrus Scented Candle

  • 100% Vegan
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  • Luxury Vegan Aromatherapy Candle. Made with Soy Wax and Mandarin, Tonka Bean and Cedarwood essential oils. Also includes a plantable seeded candle label


    Smells like a luxurious party. Gown on, Candle lit, Cocktail in hand. Enjoy this luxury candle.

    Imagine a cocktail party like no other. Opulence at its finest. Live life to the fullest with this multilayered Cocktail. Best enjoyed on Birthdays, Christmas, New Years (and every damn day).

    Smells like: Your most opulent party yet. 

    Notes: Citrus, Spirit of Mandarin, Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Lime peel, Anise, Frankincense , Patchouli

    Label: Infused with Poppy Seeds. Glows then Grows. Plant your label in your jar once finished.

    Made in the UK | Vegan Friendly | Eco-Conscious

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