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  • These travel essentials will help to get your skin holiday ready!


    Jetting off on holiday? These travel essentials will help you on your journey to relax, reset and rejuvenate your skin!

    Experience your moment of calm with the BEAUTYPRO Warming Eye Masks. This relaxing treatment soothes the eyes by gently heating the area, allowing you to sit back and reset. Scented with calming chamomile, these masks will help you sink into a peaceful rest as you take time to relax. Perfect for flights!

    Our best selling BEAUTYPRO Eye Therapy masks are the perfect answer to tired, puffy eyes. This natural formula will soothe and re-energise the area, reducing the appearance of tiredness and leaving the eyes feeling instantly relaxed and soothed.

    The BEAUTYPRO Retinol Under Eye Patches are the perfect solution to tired or ageing eyes. The Retinol formula will brighten dark circles, improve the appearance of pigmentation and smoothing the skin’s texture.

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