Kati KaiaErytheia Yoga Pad

Extra Cushioning Pad, Travel, Portable, Pop over your mat when needed.


Kati Kaia Yoga Pads are mini mats you can easily fit into even a small bag. A handy prop to give the comfort, stability and grip you need for your Yoga practice.

These are a great addition to our Yoga Mats with an eco PU surface, which gives a lovely different texture, grip and support. Layering upon a mat gives additional support under elbows or knees and pads are also super portable for taking outside, the gym, studio, handstand practice, meditation pad and more!


Dimensions: 33 cm x 64 cm

Thickness: 4 .2 mm

Weight: 0.43 kg

Featuring our abstract colourful artworks with center point. Printed with our durable, non-toxic and eco-friendly ink. This mini pad packs up super small to provide the comfort, stability, and grip you need.

Comes with carry strap so you can take it on your hikes, adventures outside, roll into your backpack and use the strap for alignment when on the go.

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