Kati KaiaEuropean Dried Flower Sage + Cedar Kit

Natural European White Sage with Cedar + Selenite Crystal.


Our beautiful bundles of European Sage are mixed with Pink Petals, Eucalyptus, Olive Leaf and Cedar to give a lovely scent and make your smoke cleanse rituals truly unique and special, assist to clear negative energy and use in deeper connection in meditation practices. Some consider Selenite to be one of the most important crystals in an energy worker’s toolkit and believed to have powerful healing benefits. 

  • Sage with Bougainvillea Petals 
  • Sage with Eucalyptus
  • Sage with Olive Leaf
  • Cedar 
  • Selenite Crystal Wand 
  • Online Beginners Meditation Course 

This Sage is sourced from our organic farm in Crete, Greece.

The gift box contains four organic sage sticks with a Selenite raw crystal wand. Sticks and wand is approx 10 cm long. Each box comes with access to our online beginners meditation course.


Smoke cleansing is a common practice worldwide. It means that you burn herbs such as white sage, to fill and clean a certain space with the smoke.

Cleaning refers to "spiritual cleaning", so the expelling of negative energy.

Many cultures throughout the world use the burning of herbs, flowers and incense to clear negative energy and for ceremony. The earliest origins are seen with the Pagan and Druids in Britain and also the Native Americans in the USA. Both these cultures use smoke cleansing in their practices to this day.

Many people admire the connection to earth, nature and spirit the act of smoke cleanse can bring.

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