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  • We call these stones 'dragon eggs' because (like traditional dragon eggs in the metaphysical world) the faceting creates various windows into the depths of the stone, like reliving into a portal of other dimensions of our consciousness.


    Each stone is unique - some are citrinated, some have phantoms and rainbows, some are Lemurians or record keepers and others are rutilated so their specific qualities vary.

    What they all have in common, is that their special carvings offer the opportunity to go inwardly, through the window of the soul, and focus on memories or messages that need to be released or tuned into.

    They are tools for intuition at their finest. The special gem-like facets are intentionally carved to amplify, project and absorb light energy. They love being charged in solar energy so keep them near a window so they can absorb the rays. 

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