FEWEDon't Cramp My Style Oral Spray

A blend of adaptogens with a watermelon flavour. A spritz of this watermelon flavoured oral spray is all it takes to relieve cramps and tension. In a compact bottle, suitable to whip out in any situation when cramps strike.⁠


What it is: 
A carefully selected blend of powerful natural ingredients in a relaxing oral spray designed to help regulate sleeping patterns that fluctuate during stages of your cycle, due to the abrupt withdrawal of progesterone. Enhanced with a gentle cherry taste.

Work With Your Menstrual Cycle:
With calming chamomile and sedative Valerian, this cherry tasting oral spray will help regulate the sleeping patterns that your hormones disrupt. Use before bed in your Menstrual phase (your period) & Luteal phase (when you normally experience symptoms of PMS), or whenever you feel you are struggling to sleep to ensure you drift away.

Directions for use: 
Spray 1-2 times directly into the mouth before bed and say goodbye to sleepless nights. Use a maximum of 8 sprays a day.


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