AcuPipsEar Seed Kit with 12 Protocols + 80 Ear Seeds (Crystal/Natural)

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  • These fabulous little Crystal and Natural Ear Seeds by AcuPips sit on specific pressure points on the ear, helping to put the body back into balance. Designed by an acupuncturist, why not start your healing journey today and reap the benefits of this ancient practice.


    20 Crystal AND 60 Natural Ear Seeds with a 12 protocol booklet. 

    Protocols included are:

    Addiction Management
    Body Aches & Pains
    CFS & Long Covid/Tiredness
    Memory & Concentration
    Migraines & Head Pain
    Stress & Anxiety
    Weight Loss

    Includes full instructions & tweezers for application. Designed by a Qualified Acupuncturist, and packaged in a beautiful leatherette box.

    Based on the theory of Auricular Acupuncture, these handy little 
    AcuPips Ear Seeds are placed on specific acupressure points around the ear and connect directly to the central nervous system helping to restore energy flow and balance the body.

    AcuPips Ear Seeds are a premium therapy product, making the 2500 year old Chinese Medicine accessible to everyone.

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