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  • This new oil-to-milk formula melts even the toughest of makeup and washes off to leave beautifully cool, calm, clean skin. Jasmine extract relaxes nerve activity and peppermint activates skin receptors responsible for the feeling of freshness.


    Powerhouse ingredients mindfully chosen by our formulation team with over 20 years experience in natural skincare and refined by our testing community in the fashion and beauty industry, include:

    Peppermint - Mostly known for its toning and refreshing effects on the skin and clinically proven to trigger a cooling sensation and activate skin receptors responsible for the feeling of freshness. Used in small amounts in our formula.

    Green Tea Extract - Green Tea is renowned for its antioxidant and free radical properties, making it the ideal ingredient for anti-ageing, skin protecting and mature skin products. Famous for preventing wrinkles, reducing skin redness, protection from sun damage and an anti-acne hero.

    Jasmine extract - Research suggests that the aroma of jasmine, taken as tea or smoothed on the skin, has a relaxing effect. In fact, just the scent of jasmine chills out autonomic nerve activity and decreases your heart rate. Rich in flavonoid antioxidants that combat oxidative stress, jasmine tea has a mild sedative effect which relaxes the body and mind.

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