Müll ClubStacy Comb

  • Made in the UK
  • Made from recycled plastics
  • Female Founded
  • Each recycled comb is created from plastic waste collected directly from our Brockley community and created in London with 100% recycled plastic.


    This mixture is a combination of HDPE plastics, including pink Vanish pots, yellow Nesquik milkshake tubs, orange bottles and green shampoo bottles.

    Not one comb is the same as another, meaning your comb and its beautiful patterns will be unique to you. 

    The plastics were delivered by hand to the shop, further minimising the carbon footprint of our communities' waste. 

    Each comb is the equivalent to a large milk bottle and its cap. 

    Every purchase supports the Müll Club mission to recycle directly from the community, within the community. Reducing the mileage of their waste, and reducing their environmental impact.

    Müll Club is redefining the recycling system, instead of relying on a flawed system, where only 12% of the plastic waste created in the UK is recycled in the UK... Müll decided to create their own form of recycling.


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