Peep ClubCleansing Lash Foam

  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Female Founded
  • Peep Club's wonderful Cleansing Lash Foam is designed to gently but effectively clean and protect your eyelids & eyelashes.


    Our Cleansing Lash Foam uses three naturally powerful antibacterial ingredients. Tea tree extract, liquorice root extract and mushroom extract all work together to protect your eyelashes from bacterial overgrowth and Demodex mites.

    Our formula was designed to help relieve blepharitis, and inflammation of the eyelids and help with dry eye symptoms.

    We specially developed this oil-free and grease-free formula to be suitable for those with eyelash extensions.

    Our Cleansing Lash Foam is organic, unrefined, artificial fragrance-free, alcohol-free, fair-trade certified and vegan.


    Our foam comes in a clear bottle with a white pump head. This bottle is made from PET that can be recycled. Once finished, please wash it out with soap and water and then include it with your plastic recycling.  

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